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Online therapy for adults in Indiana

Helping people who have experienced medical trauma find hope again

A caucasian, red headed female sitting in a wheelchair looking up to her right side. Her left hand is on her hip and her right hand is holding a piece of cake with a single lit candle.

I appreciate you being here.
It takes courage and strength to reach out for support.

The emotional costs of medical care are often overlooked.

Does this sound familiar?

The racing heart, shortness of breath, or overwhelming feelings of dread and panic as you approach doctor or dentist appointments.

The thoughts of medical tests from your childhood that have prevented you from going to the doctor, unless you really have to.


You don't want to relive those painful or frightening images, the helplessness or fear you felt in a place that was supposed to be healing. The harsh fluorescent lighting, the smell of the clinic, or the sight of medical equipment causes you to freeze up.

Knowing something is wrong and your health concerns are being dismissed or ignored by your providers.

Having watched a loved one undergo treatment for a serious illness, such as cancer or dialysis, can also be another reason you avoid getting your own medical needs taken care of.


The helplessness, fear, and grief that come with seeing someone you care about suffer can be overwhelming. If you are facing the possibility of similar treatments yourself, the anxiety and uncertainty can be compounded, creating a heavy burden to bear.

For those living with a chronic illness, the journey can be fraught with a sense of loss and grief. The life you once knew, filled with the freedom from constant medical interventions, can feel like a distant memory. The need for ongoing treatment and the limitations imposed by your illness can be deeply discouraging. It is entirely natural to grieve the changes in your life and to feel a sense of sorrow for the challenges you continue to face.

Your feelings are valid. Your experiences and the emotions that accompany them are real and significant.


Seeking therapy is a crucial step towards healing and finding ways to cope with the complex emotions that arise from medical experiences. In therapy, you will have a safe and supportive space to explore your feelings, process your experiences, and develop strategies to manage anxiety and fear.

You do not have to navigate this journey alone. Together, we can work towards healing, understanding, and reclaiming a sense of control over your life. It is possible to find relief and to cultivate a life that is meaningful and guided by what is important to you.


An office space. There is an open gray laptop is sitting open on an orange couch. There is a tall plant in the corner and a gray couch sitting next to it.

Ready to get started?

Let's connect! Schedule a free 15-minute consultation call so we can discuss briefly what brings you therapy, answer any questions you have, and discuss how to set up your first appointment.

Once your appointment has been confirmed, you'll receive a link to join the online session at the time of our appointment.

What you need:

Internet connection and mobile device or desktop.

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