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Online therapy for Indiana

Financial Anxiety or Trauma

Chronic Illness

Medical Trauma

Grief and Loss

You deserve to live a meaningful and connected life.

When we get stuck in our past or worried on our future, we can miss out on the important relationships and connections in our present.

You deserve to live a meaningful and connected life.

Whether you are struggling with money anxiety, how to cope with a new medical condition or addressing any behaviors that are creating a negative effect for you, we will develop a personalized plan together to help you explore what you want to get out of life.



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Hi! I'm Megan Stevenson (she/her), a licensed clinical social worker and certified financial social worker from Indiana.

Welcome! My passion is to help people create meaningful and lasting change in their lives. Change is hard though it can be easier when you have someone walking alongside you.


I help people overcome challenges related to money stress, anxiety and trauma related to money. Financial trauma can come from divorce, job loss, family history, and along with many other reasons. I also work with people that have health challenges to find the balance of managing their emotional health alongside their physical health. It might be figuring out new ways to cope with a chronic illness, how to heal from medical trauma, or working through a terminal diagnosis.

My approach? I'm eclectic. Meaning I meet you where you're at and use a mix of approaches based on your needs. If you're curious, I use acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), motivational interviewing, and solution focused therapies.

Interested in working together? Let's chat! Schedule a free 15-minute consultation here:

Megan Stevenson, LCSW, CFSW
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